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Mind, Body, Save

Saving money isn’t easy. Neither is self-improvement. But what if there was a way to do both at the same time, with a little added motivation? Mindbosa is the only app that combines both personal and financial progress by allowing users to reward themselves financially every time a personal goal is met.

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It's as simple as set, start, save

Set a goal

Think of a goal, whether it’s exercising daily, spending less time on social media, or learning a new hobby, and decide how you want to measure your progress.

Connect your bank account

Connect a bank account (no fees) or debit/credit card to begin transferring money to your Mindbosa account every time you track your goal.

Start saving

Every time you track your goal, you’ll transfer money into your Mindbosa account. The more progress you make, the more money you save!

Where personal progress meets
financial gain

"Saving money is so much easier with Mindbosa because it's tied to something I'm already doing on a daily basis! I knew I needed to save money, but had never really developed a long term plan. I saved almost $300 while training for the 2018 Boston Marathon and $250 while training for my first triathlon."

-Leslie Dillon

Meet the people who inspire us

Leslie Dillon
Founder of Old Port Pub Run
Rob Gomez
Founder of Eastern Shore Training
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